About the project in a word

- is a tool for writing and organizing travel reports. The key difference is a simple interface designed specifically for creating photo reports about your trips. After signing up, you instantly get a free domain http://NAME.reimg.com, where you can keep all chronology of your travels.

Benefits and features :

  • – Convenient interface for mass image upload
  • – Free domain http://NAME.reimg.com for your account
  • – Chronology and timeline of your trips
  • – Linking reports to cities and countries
  • – Download and display photos in high quality (no compression up to 4K)
  • – Follow travel blogs that you like
  • – Grouping photos by subject
  • – ..and much more

From the author

Hello, my name is Anton Napolsky – I'm the author of this project. As you might have guessed, this site is dedicated to travel reports. Almost all my free time is spent traveling around the world, exploring new places and meeting different cultures. I always liked to share my impressions and photos, talk about the cities I visited, and keep notes about what I saw. And with the increase in the rhythm of trips (for example, over the past 5 years I have visited almost 60 countries), I wanted to structure all my notes and photos, to sort them by place and time. To sum up, I lacked a platform where I could easily create ordered travel photo reports. This is how was born :) Initially, the site was done for myself, but then I decided to provide an opportunity for everyone to sign up here, so you can share your stories and photos about the trips. It should be noted that the project is under development, and new improvements appear almost monthly. My reports you can see here here, and for any questions, suggestions and bugs don’t hesitate to write to admin@reimg.com